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SureNano™ is a ready-to-mix formula that contains everything
needed to produce high quality nano-emulsions.

Ultrafast onset. Repeatable dosing. Therapeutic certainty.

No need to formulate from scratch. Start with SureNano™, then add your cannabis extract and distilled water. It’s almost too simple.

SureNano™ isn’t the only thing that’s transparent about us.

At Activated Nano, we blend heart, science and total transparency to profoundly change the trajectory of cannabis use, both medical and recreational. This aspiration includes positively impacting patients and all others who are the end-users of our products, as well as the health of our communities and the planet.

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We partner with the best.

We work closely with Caldic for our sourcing, research and development. Together, our global network of world-class suppliers enables us to source the finest ingredients and stay abreast of innovations in the industry to transform your products from good, to great.

We’re more than an ingredient supplier.
We’re a partner.

We work closely with our clients to ensure successful product launches. Our team of experts work closely with you throughout the manufacturing process to achieve target potency and accelerate your products to market.

Supply Chain Agreements

Supplying partners with our stabilizing formulations with the optimal blend of carrier oils, emulsifiers, anti-oxidants, and preservatives until you’re ready to create your own.

Accelerated Facility Setup

Not all our partners have processing labs. We have three lab packages to help you set up your own, including the equipment you need to create world class nano-emulsions at various scales of production.

Processing and R&D Knowledge Transfer

As part of our mission to make nano-emulsion technology accessible to all, we’ll be training your team on R&D approaches for customizing your own formulations and providing training and ongoing support.

We’re everywhere

Whether it’s Canada, the US, or Europe, we have something for you.

Canada and European Union

Products, Technology and Services
  • SureNano™ stabilizing solution
  • Technology to produce nano-emulsions
  • Lab & facility setup
  • Training and knowledge transfer
White Label: Coming Soon
  • White label CBD
  • White label THC

United States

Products, Technology and Services
  • SureNano™ stabilizing solution
  • Technology to produce nano-emulsions
  • Lab & facility setup
  • Training and knowledge transfer
White Label Services
  • White label CBD (in all the US)
  • White label THC (in Oklahoma and Colorado)

Consumers respond to marketing…
but come back for the product.

SureNano™ is the most consistent, stable, and safe water-soluble solution for integrating cannabis extracts with your products, so you can deliver consistent value to your customers at scale.

Evenly distributed

SureNano™’s formulation ensures your products are homogeneous, so cannabis oils are distributed evenly.

Safe ingredients

We only use safe ingredients that are commonly found in the food and beverage industries.

Highly stable

Our emulsions and finished products remain stable over an indefinite period.

Consistent dosing, every time

Even distribution through homogeneity combined with long-term stability allows for near perfect dosing and accurate label claims.

High bioavailability, so you can do more with less

SureNano™ is designed to blanket cannabinoids, which allows for greater absorption in the intestinal tract. This ensures full effect, commonly felt within
5 – 15 minutes.

No more bitter taste and smell

SureNano™ allows you to control the flavour and scent profile of your products, from the bitter taste of CBD isolates to the rich profile of broad-spectrum cannabis.

Working with us is easy.

Need nano? Check Activated Nano’s workflow process – you can trust the expertise of our team.



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